Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to these terms and conditions at checkout or while generally using our website (Cat Plant Supply), you; the customer or user, is agreeing to accept all of the rules and guidelines listed on this webpage. If you fail to follow our terms and conditions, we are allowed to take legal action against you.

As the website owner of Cat Plant Supply, we have the legal rights to these terms and conditions:

  • Copyright and ownership of all digital and traditional artworks produced on this website as well as on other social media platforms. Please do not copy, edit, trace, steal or redistribute our artworks without our permission.
  • For tattoo requests, please ask for our permission first.
  • You have read our Privacy, Delivery Terms and Returns & Cancellations guidelines and have agreed upon the rules outlined.
  • When purchasing a pin from us, you are agreeing to accept the item AS IS according to the grading system we use.
  • All our products are handmade and therefore some minor flaws may occur (such as slightly offset, dust, scratches or stray ink on prints and stickers), we are unable to refund or receive returned items that we have graded as fine quality.

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