Shipping Information

Shipping options, delivery times & costs

A variety of shipping options are available at checkout. More information about shipping and fulfilling orders can be found here.

Payment Information

What payment methods can be used?

We accept payments made through Shop Pay, Paypal and credit cards. This includes Google Pay and Apple Pay to make payments quicker and easier. All payments made are safe and secure.

Is my payment information shared with anyone?

Our website is fully encrypted with SSL so all user details including payment information will be protected and secured upon checkout.


About preorders

Please note that all orders placed on items marked as “Preorder” will be delayed by 4-6 weeks. Under unforeseen circumstances with production, typically for pins, I cannot guarantee that all products will be made on time. If you wish to receive stocked items faster, please make a separate order for those.

Sometimes I will use Preorders as a way to fund smaller products instead of crowdfunding services such as Kickstarter. If the product isn’t getting enough attention, any payments made will be refunded in full to the customer and the product will be cancelled.

For issues related to your order, I will make sure to contact you directly about it.

Products & Sales

Will you be restocking ″insert″ pin design?

There’s no guarantee that we will be restocking sold out designs hence all our pins will be quite limited edition. To ensure you’ll receive a standard pin of a certain design, make sure you get in on our Kickstarter campaigns and preorder listings! You can stay up to date on new releases and restocks by following us on social media.

Price adjustments & promos

Price adjustments will not be an option as all sales will be final. Discounted items and promos will only be applied during the sales period. Promotional codes cannot be combined.

Combined Orders

How do I combine multiple orders to cut shipping costs?

If you’ve placed multiple orders, we can partially refund the shipping costs (depending on the overall weight of your orders). Please get in touch with us here or through email.

Cancellations & Returns

About cancellations and returns

For more information about cancellations or return orders, please see our guide.

Pin Quality Grading

What is a standard/seconds/oopsie pin?

Please kindly note that all pins are handmade and not every pin is perfect. Every pin maker has their own grading standard.

Find out how we grade our pins.

When you purchase a pin from Cat Plant Supply, you agree to accept the item AS IS according to the grading system above.

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