Major Changes To Shipping Orders

I am sad to announce that Cat Plant Supply will no longer be offering international economy lettermail services to ship out rigid products such as enamel pins. Australian orders will not be affected.

I will however, continue to offer cheap shipping for orders containing paper goods such as prints and stickers. This lettermail service will still be non-refundable (refunds can be made after 4 months have passed), non-trackable and take 2-3 months to arrive to its destination during the pandemic.

If you'd like to know the whereabouts of your order, then please select tracking at checkout. I ensure you'll be protected and can claim for lost or damaged parcels.

* * *

Earlier this year, I had a handful of orders returned to me in the mail. Unfortunately, after consulting with my postal service, they are no longer able to ship non-paper items in letters.

While it's not entirely my fault, I still feel the need to apologize to my international customers. A majority of my orders are outside of Australia, so it's been disheartening for me in the last couple of weeks. This might mean lowering prices as well as production, material and packaging costs to accommodate the raised shipping costs.

Despite the major changes, I hope you will continue to support Cat Plant Supply and thank you for always being so understanding!

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